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modern device integration.

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MagTek tDynamo

Magstripe, EMV, and NFC Bluetooth Card Reader

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MagTek eDynamo

Magstripe and EMV Card Reader

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MagTek iDynamo

Magstripe, EMV, and NFC Card Reader

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Simple Device Integration

Use Payload's device SDKs to integrate Payload's supported card readers.
  • Simple Android and iOS SDKs
  • Integrate once for universal support of all card readers.
  • Advanced out of the box features like store and forward.
Device.on(this, new Device.Callback(){
    public void connected(Device device) {
        device.beginTransaction(new pl.Payment(15),
            new Device.TransactionCallback(){
                public void processed(pl.Payment pymt) {
                    Log.i(TAG, "Payment Processed :)");
                public void declined(pl.Payment pymt) {
                    Log.i(TAG, "Payment Declined :(");