Our Mission Is to

Help Modern Businesses Grow Intelligently

At Payload, we understand that a payment platform acts as the power supply for any business. The more stable and efficient that power is applied, the better a business will run. Consolidating, Automating, and Innovating on every aspect of payments is critical to growing revenue in today’s economy.


It’s not an internet v.s. in-person world anymore...

Increasingly, the lines between eCommerce and In-person sales have blurred. Companies that used to be all brick and mortar are moving online, and internet companies are more and more expanding into providing real-world services. The result is that businesses all sizes are dealing with a mashup of payment systems, complicated merchant agreements, mismatching hardware, nightmarish reconciliation, and valid fears around compliance.

Payload is committed to solving these dilemmas by providing a payments stack that doesn’t choose between in person and online. We understand that any effective solution requires one system connected seamlessly to all your checkout UI, hardware, and accounting systems.


Humans are great, but let them focus on the things they do best.

Scalable automation is increasingly becoming necessary to any business that wants to compete and survive in today's economy.

When it comes to payments, fund handling, and reporting, Payload understands that automation is not only efficient, it is a safeguard against costly human error. Payload is constantly building automation into our payments stack to keep our customers competitive and working on the crucial human parts of their businesses.


Never satisfied, we strive to push the limits of payments architecture and API design

Reliance on APIs has skyrocketed for modern businesses, but when it comes to payments, most services are using the same tech from over a decade ago to interface with a financial infrastructure that has is almost half a century old.

As the world economy continues to change, businesses need an underlying payments engine that they can rely on to be innovating one step ahead. At Payload, we are not only innovating on how we can deliver more flexible services, but we are also innovating on the core API technology that underpins the entire payments stack. For example, our engineers are taking database ORM interface design concepts and applying that to ReST APIs, making a more intuitive and flexible interface.

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