Powering Payments For

Realtor & Earnest Money Payments

  • Secure Money Transfer

    Eliminate manual check payments for earnest money

  • Reduce Operating Costs

    Eliminate costly check scanners and paper check shipping costs

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Supports ACH & debit card payments from laptop, phone, or tablet

  • Simplified Account Reconciliation

    Payments are tagged to property, purchaser, & agent

Payload was designed to tackle the unique billing, reporting, routing and compliance hurdles faced by real estate agents when collecting earnest money. Payload has a turn key solution for automating the process of requesting and collecting earnest money payments, and streamlines reporting and reconciling those payments back to the realty office.

Buyer Initiated Earnest Payment

Payload's Secure Payment Link pages make it simple to accept payments directly from your realty homepage.
  • Embeddable Single-page link
  • Customizable to Match Your Brand
  • Custom Data Fields to Capture the Data You Need
  • Securely Capture Payment Information

Agent Initiated Earnest Payment

Give your agents the ability to send a earnest money payment request and pre-populate the needed data fields to simply the collection process even more for the sellers.
  • Simple, Customizable Request Form for Agents
  •  Branded Email to Buyer with Prefilled Property and Agent Information
  • Unique and Secure Link for Payer to Initiate Payment
  •  Instant Notification of Payment to Agent and Realty Back-office

Escrow Account for Each Location

Payload provides complex disbursement functionality and simple controls to direct funds to the correct account
  • Direct Funds into Unique Accounts for Each Realty Location
  • Simple Reconciliation and Routing
  • Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • Fast Disbursements

Manage Payments

Payload comes with a suite of intuitive merchant dashboards that make it easy for insurance teams to control, track and generate reports on payments.
  • Intuitive Dashboards for Payment and Invoice Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Refund and Void Payments
  • Advanced Security & Dispute Management