Frequently Asked Questions

Earnestly is a real estate specific platform developed and supported by Payload ( Earnestly is an integrated digital solution for earnest money payments, agent commission payouts, agent dues, agent invoicing, and other brokerage related payments. Our unique API design is capable of integrating with existing key ERP, CRM, Transaction Management, and Accounting platforms, providing the framework to empower real estate organizations to operate more efficiently in today’s age of digital transformation.

Payload is a powerfully simple financial technology (fintech) platform for software providers and merchants looking to “unload” the burden associated with accepting Credit Card & ACH payments.

Payload’s proprietary payment platform is a developer-friendly technology stack that simplifies integration effort and minimizes card data security exposure. It’s dead-simple for developers with the sophistication for businesses of all sizes.

Earnestly is a comprehensive platform that can support nearly all electronic real estate transactions, not just Earnest Money Deposits. Think of us as a single stop for all real estate payments.

Additionally, our low transaction pricing (paid by the home buyer) and minimal-step payment workflow encourages a higher payment adoption rate.

Customization & Integrations

Our team of software engineers are actively working on integrations into the key real estate transaction platforms. Please inquire on the status and availability of your current transaction management software.

No, Earnestly does not require an app.. Earnestly was built as an omni-channel platform that can be accessed from any device, anytime.

Yes. Whether you prefer a simple link on your website where buyers can be directed to make payments, or an agent and/or staff member initiated payment request sent to the buyer with pre-filled transaction details, or if it is preferred the payment request initiation and reconciliation be embedded within your key platform workflow, Earnestly can be customized to accommodate. Further, the user interface can be designed to include your branding.


Yes, the Earnestly platform can be designed to digitize and integrate a wide range of brokerage-related payment processes outside of the EMD. These payments may include collection of agent fees or disbursement of agent commissions.

Yes, whether your brokerage has a preferred title company or attorney, or your agents “BYO”, Earnestly can be configured to facilitate payments directly to these escrow accounts.

Earnestly currently only supports US payments, but we are expanding capabilities to include Canada.

Currently the Earnestly platform supports electronic funds transfer via ACH. We are working to add the ability for remote depositing of checks via Check21.

Deposits & Reporting

Once a payment is initiated, it typically takes 3-4 business days for fund availability into the depository account. This provides time to ensure any returns or declined transactions are identified. Expedited funding will be considered on an individual case-by-case basis.

The Earnestly platform includes a user-friendly dashboard that gives assigned users access to real time payment tracking, refund administration, and detailed deposit reports. Additionally, once a payment is made, a receipt is automatically generated and distributed to designated parties.


We are a PCI Level 1 certified platform meaning we abide by and are certified for the highest level of data security in the industry. All financial information is securely transferred via end-to-end encryption from your device to our PCI certified vault. Our platform undergoes rigorous penetration and vulnerability testing and scanning, and we develop proprietary machine learning and risk monitoring systems to keep you safe.